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Student of the Week (Posted: 18th August 2019)

This week’s Student of the Week is Loris. Although a newcomer, he always tries his hardest and concentrates on the lesson; the senior instructors feel that he is the most fitting person to win this week’s award. Well done Loris!

Posted by Sensei Stewart Procter | 7th Dan Kyoshi | Chief Instructor

Holiday Time Again! (Posted: 17th August 2019)

It’s been a tough week for attendances this week. Although we prepare for the onslaught of the holiday season, it’s looking like August is going to hit us hard. With those that we know about (the ones who have let us know about their forthcoming absences) our worst event is one lesson where there are ten people away.

This is why it is so important that those who remain make the effort to attend; although we’re not down to “skeleton” numbers, we could do with existing members going “above and beyond the call of duty”.

This leads me on to thanking those who have made the effort to attend lessons this week, no club can survive without its devotees. So thank you to one and all.

We had two great lessons this week where members enjoyed some new additional elements to the class.

Posted by Sensei Stewart Procter | 7th Dan Kyoshi | Chief Instructor

5 of 5 – Meet and Make New Friends (Posted: 15th August 2019)

Lastly, Karate is an amazing way for your children to meet other kids and make new friends, friends that will help them throughout their Karate journey and friends that they can keep beyond the summer.

The Karate Dojo is where relationships are formed that are very strong and are not easily broken. The camaraderie between martial artists and teammates is incredibly deep and with great foundation. Throughout the training, children will learn to work together as they interact with one another to improve as martial artists.

Children are also at the age when they are beginning to develop critical social skills that they will carry into adulthood. Karate helps them develop their social skills by teaching them how to work as a team to achieve common goals. Not only will your children be working with other kids, they will also be working with their instructors who will teach them the proper way of martial arts.

Under the guidance of world-class instructors who have been in their Karate journey for years, constantly learning, our children will absorb many of their life lessons, preparing them to become good members of society.

So what are you waiting for? Enrol your children in our Karate class, not just for this school break, but also beyond that.

Posted by Sensei Stewart Procter | 7th Dan Kyoshi | Chief Instructor

4 of 5 – Gives Kids Something to be Passionate About  (Posted: 14th August 2019)

Most children are at the age when they are just beginning to develop their talents and skills. It’s important to provide them direction and give them something functional and productive to build towards. While some children find their niche early, the majority of children are still trying to figure things out. 

Give your children something to be passionate about with the martial arts. What’s even better is that you pursue this passion with them by taking up Karate training yourself. It’s the ultimate parent-child activity. Karate will give you and your children something to share and be passionate about outside of the Karate Dojo.

Karate has very many benefits that are great for the development of children. It teaches our children to be hard-working, dedicated, and to never give up. It teaches them to embrace failure and the lessons we learn from our failures, and to always rise up above all odds — that success is ours to achieve as long as we put in the time and the effort. 

The school break is the perfect time to get your kids into martial arts. Insert some positivity into their lives. Invest in their personal development, not just their academic development.

Posted by Sensei Stewart Procter | 7th Dan Kyoshi | Chief Instructor

3 of 5 – The Learning Never Stops  (Posted: 13th August 2019)

Learning something new every day and improving who we are as human beings are essential to our personal growth and development. For children, learning doesn’t have to stop when they leave school to go on break. They can continue to learn fun new things with Karate training.

Karate teaches children and all practitioners some amazing lessons that will benefit them throughout their lifetime. In this case, the learning never stops just because your children have left the classroom. The only difference is, instead of learning from a textbook, your children will learn real-life situations and how to carry themselves as martial artists in the real world.

Among the greatest lessons Karate teaches, and perhaps the most important of all is the knowledge of self-defence. Karate will teach children how to properly defend themselves and give them the power to protect others. More importantly, it will teach them to be responsible for this power and to use it only when necessary. Self-defence is a basic human right that every person should have access to, including children. So give your kids something useful to start learning during their break period.

Posted by Sensei Stewart Procter | 7th Dan Kyoshi | Chief Instructor

2 of 5 – It Makes Their School Break a Productive One (Posted: 12th August 2019)

Often, when children hit school break, the sudden drop in activity comes as kind of a shock. Yes, taking a break from studying is a good way to reset, and the rest and relaxation are definitely well-earned. But there’s a much better way to utilise that free time in a productive manner that will not only keep your children busy and active but also help develop their skills further outside of the classroom.

Karate is the perfect out-of-school activity for children who look for a fun new hobby to begin during school break. It speeds up the pace of what would normally be a slow-paced break and keeps the break interesting. Furthermore, it will give your children an awesome outlet to release the stress that accumulated during school.

Training in Karate is for everyone, of all ages, children included. If your children aren’t particularly into sports, Karate also introduces to them a great physical activity that will keep them fit and healthy. Have them start slow and build their skills gradually.

Finally, Karate also instils in children many values that they will hold dear for the rest of their lives — values and teachings that they will carry far beyond the reaches of the Karate Dojo and into their personal and business lives as they grow older.

Posted by Sensei Stewart Procter | 7th Dan Kyoshi | Chief Instructor